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The Brook Hill Lower Campus

Welcome to The Brook Hill Lower School. The term “Lower School” is an old term many college preparatory schools use for the students of elementary age. I think it referred to its physical location – they were housed in the basements of their old buildings. Not so here! We have a great “Lower School” facility and a staff that works diligently to prepare each child for the next level of their education which leads to success in high end colleges.

We are proud of our accomplishments in each student and our programs, students, staff, and facilities are a far cry from the basement dwellers of those old institutions. In the culture of genuine love and care, the context of nurture, and the concern that each student is prepared, challenged, affirmed, and encouraged, we see successful and happy students moving onward to excellence and success. Enjoy your visit to our little place on the web. It’s truly not a basement!