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Seven 'C' Residence

One hundred acres of coastal bermuda grass ringed with trees is the setting for this rural East Texas home. The deep green of the summer grass creates a striking juxtaposition with the modern design of this home. The owners wanted this expansive expression of form in nature to be an extension of the defined sculptural garden along the east side of the home.

The interior of the home was designed to highlight the owner’s deep collection of art. These rooms balanced the active lifestyle of the family while serving as an art gallery for specific art pieces. One wing of the home is dedicated as an art gallery/display space. This wing also accomplishes two other functions. The first function is storage of their art that is not able to be displayed. The other is as an entertainment space for dinner parties, social gatherings, fundraisers, etc.

Art extends from the art gallery outside into the landscape. A sculpture garden is adjacent to the gallery and works with the swimming pool to accommodate the outdoor art and play areas for children and grandchildren.