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First Baptist Church Pittsburg

Churches strive to be relevant in the communities they serve. FBC Pittsburg is literally and figuratively at a crossroads in their city. The figurative crossroads addresses how to touch their neighbors in their area who are not associated with any church.  FBC Pittsburg recognizes the needs and wanted to develop a facility that can attract those defined as un-churched. The new facility approached the challenge with a thoughtful design that breaks the expected image a church building usually projects.

The literal crossroads is the facilities location. It connects the existing fellowship building and reaches out to the main intersection in Pittsburg. The best word to describe the building is transparent. The walkway connection from the existing building is generous in width to accommodate placement of tables and chairs. This encourages interaction before and after events in the sanctuary. This space also draws attention of passing motorists and announces activity and life. The gathering space is all glass and visible from the intersection. This space lights up at night with a rainbow of colors as a beacon in the darkness. The building draws attention to itself and expresses to the community that something different is happening here.