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We’re always honored to work on centers of worship and religious structures. Our speciality is church design in East Texas, we know these buildings are a portrait of the community they represent and serve, and being asked to create them is always an expression of the trust of the community in the architect chosen. Incorporating the visual cues of culture and context in a singular solution unique in its form yet familiar to those that use and encounter it is a goal we seek each time we have the opportunity to work on these projects.
If you are looking for someone with experience in church design in East Texas and who can bring your design concepts to life, look no further than Butler Architectural Group. No matter the scope or the scale, the shared values we bring to every project begin with a desire to enhance a sense of place. Butler Architectural Group always brings the craft of construction, balance and discipline to owners, users, designers and builders to collaborate on adaptive and thoughtful buildings. Let us walk you through our design process here.