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Sports + Recreation

Through an integrated and collaborative process, Butler Architectural Group incorporates the demanding programmatic requirements of sports and recreational architecture in Texas with the environmental and campus or civic context to realize a unique solution. Our designs create cohesive and pedestrian-oriented sports and recreational facilities that foster healthy communities. We employ sustainable strategies that result in high performance buildings reflecting the unique culture of each institution. Butler Architectural Group designs for sports and entertainment venues garner accolades for their architecture and the unique fan experiences that each creates. The designs set new benchmarks for what fans can expect from venues.
If you are looking for sports and recreational architecture in Texas who can bring your design concepts to life, look no further than Butler Architectural Group. No matter the scope or the scale, the shared values we bring to every project begin with a desire to enhance a sense of place. Butler Architectural Group always brings the craft of construction, balance and discipline to owners, users, designers and builders to collaborate on adaptive and thoughtful buildings. Let us walk you through our design process here.