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No matter the scope or the scale, the shared values we bring to every project begin with a desire to enhance a sense of place. Butler Architectural Group always brings the craft of construction, balance and discipline to owners, users, designers and builders to collaborate on adaptive and thoughtful buildings. Let us walk you through our design process here in Tyler, Texas.

We first connect through an initial meeting. Choosing an architect you trust your project to is a major decision, so it’s good to know how our creative chemistry is before we start down this path together. If we turn out to be a good match, we’ll negotiate an appropriate project fee for our services and draw up a contract for the scope of work.

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With each project we approach, our goal is to fully understand the possibilities and constraints, which we discover by listening to your vision. Once we’ve discovered each and every minute detail, the design begins. We can also help you realize the feasibility of your project, along with the parameters we would need to work within, before even starting to draw. This way, we have a clear idea what is possible as we go into initial design development together.

Once we fully understand the project scope, budget and schedule, we begin to translate your vision into a beautiful space while keeping an eye on budget and feasibility. This will lead to one or many rounds of creative exploration as we hone in on the final design. Once the design is finalized, we draft up detailed drawings so that every element is thoughtfully considered and thoroughly conveyed. That is the design process for our projects here in Tyler, Texas!

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